The Legendary Quantum Cake

26m 54s

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This is our best-selling video! “That Quantum Cake is to die for. Each time I bite into a piece I melt and just go to heaven. If you could make love into a tangible edible it would have to be the Quantum Cake; perfection at its best.”

How to Do Raw Foods in Winter


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The best time of year to start a raw food diet is in the Spring and Summer. It is possible to do a raw diet when it’s cold, just much harder! If you’re looking for advice on how to make raw sustainable during the long dark winter months then this is the video for you.

Raw Magic

1h 40m

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The information Kate shares in this short video is the most helpful condensation of how and why to do raw foods that you will find. It’s based on her twenty plus years of experience of eating a raw diet, and what she has learned in order to keep achieving optimum results.

Raw Chocolate Magic

52m 39s

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How much do you really know about the mighty cacao bean, its benefits, and how to use it? Kate has been a pioneer in raw chocolate since it first came to the UK in 2004.

Healthy Food for Kids


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Kate discusses strategies for introducing more raw and healthy foods into our children’s diets. She is raising three boys (currently aged 17, 15 and 11) on a predominantly raw vegan diet.


51m 42s

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This video is the perfect introduction to a world which can often seem complex and overwhelming. Kate simplifies it all so you know exactly how, why, and when to get started, and what to get started with.

Easy Detox Techniques

1h 7m 9s

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This talk covers simple time-honoured techniques which, when incorporated into your regular routine, will strengthen the immune system and boost your energy levels. These techniques are a valuable investment of your time because you will find you have more zest for life, and need to take fewer sick days.

Raw Magic, Raw Chocolate & Superfoods


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Raw Magic & Easy Detox


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The Raw Magic Advanced Course


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The Raw Magic Advanced Course, is over 18 hours of teaching, 25 modules packed with in-depth information, giving you a fast-track into raw foods & super foods that will save you years in wrong turnings and dead-ends.

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