Katy - Jersey

I feel Kate takes it to another level when she creates raw recipes, honestly. After all my training, learning with Kate is my highlight, she makes raw food prep practical, cost-effective, nutritious, delicious and fun. We have learnt so much from her!

Lucy - London

I can wholeheartedly recommend her wonderful teaching – entertaining and enlightening, highly informative and for some, pretty mind blowing, Kate’s knowledge is truly remarkable.

Ben - Brighton

“My friend Kate Magic is running a raw food prep class, which truly is something special. I have done it and so have many others and everyone is left blown away and feeling totally high on life. Kate really is one of the main innovators and her talent for making being healthy fun and easy is really incredible. The food is AMAZING and MAGICAL beyond belief. Check it out, and if health is a part of your game plan then this is a place you need to be.”

Elle - London

Kate Magic is one of my biggest gurus and the discoveries I have made through her have had a massive impact on my life. I’ve lost count of the amount of people I have sung her praises to. I learned so much from her, she really strikes a chord with me.

Shirah - Sussex

I have just completed the Raw Magic course with Kate in London…and it was amazing!!! Kate is an absolute inspiration and a radiant example of ecstatic living…the twinkle in her eyes, her smile and her presence is still with me.

Lisa - Cheshire

Kate has such an immense wealth of knowledge of superfoods, their uses and benefits, all at the tip of her fingers. Her talk was colourful, entertaining, thought-provoking, and most of all inspirational. And she also makes THE best raw superfood packed chocolate ever! I have been inspired to reintroduce superfoods into my diet on a daily basis, and am simply loving it!

Camilla - London

I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s course in Iceland and took so much away, besides the experience! Since returning to the UK, I’ve been implementing so many of the skills learned during the week. I now have the confidence to take several staple recipes which were before foreign to me, and adapt them to make my own creations. The difference I have noticed to my energy levels and moods since including a few of these juices, mylks, and treats in my daily diet, has been astounding. I think the investment in Kate’s course was priceless.

Christine - Surrey

I love the simplicity in your thinking. Again, Thank you Kate, you are just what I need when my life is a mess!!

Tracy - Worcester

I wanted to thank you for helping me regain my vibrancy and energy for life once more. I really do feel ecstatic and amazing every day. So excited for all future prospects.

Cheryl - Norwich

Since being so inspired whilst on the Beginners Course only a few months ago, I now eat 50% raw everyday. I have lost weight, feel so much lighter from the inside, sleep better and look fresher!!! Just one downside, at 63 years of age I am getting spots – only small ones, I can live with those – which can only mean my body is shifting years of accumulated toxins. Just wanted to say a big thank you.

Thea - Cambridge

It was great to meet you, listen to you and above all eat the amazing food you made for us last week. My sister and I had a wonderful week of yoga, relaxation and eating the most excellent, restorative and energising food we’ve ever had, AND it tasted AMAZING. I intend to get as raw as I can, so far Im loving being dairy and processed sugar free. Not sure how long caffeine-free will last but I feel GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT! Thank you so much.

Sheila - Cornwall

Thanks Kate, really enjoyed the video, I bought it because I thought it would give me ideas on raw food for kids but what I really loved was you talking about being a mum and it’s true there isn’t much good info out there about raising kids. So thanks again you have been a great inspiration to me.

Shiva - Germany

I am focusing on everything i am grateful for at the moment, and i just want to tell you how you have totally changed my world with your recipes and writings. My diet is now approx 75% raw…this is down to your inspiration, I am happy with that, it works well for me. But it’s not just my life you have touched, because i have learnt so much from you, I can share what i have learnt….nearly all the women in my life now take Maca every day, because of you !! And what I have learnt from you and can now confidently share, this is one small way in which you have reached out to people beyond your sight. I always make something from Raw Magic when I have friends round, or go to a bring and share meal. Keep up the good work, you are amazing.

Helen - Swansea

Can you please tell Kate how much better I am feeling after talking with her. I am sure she can help me and she has already come up with lots for me to be thinking about in the coming weeks. I had virtually accepted the status quo so far as my health is concerned, and Kate has shown me a new way forward. Please give her my heartfelt thanks.

Pam - Southport

I just wanted to say thank you for making my introduction to eating raw foods so simple, interesting and enjoyable.

Lila - Germany

The best £5 we ever spent!

Saira - Switzerland

That Quantum Cake is to die for. Each time I bite into a piece I melt and just go to heaven. If you could make love into a tangible edible it would have to be the Quantum Cake; perfection at it’s best.

Leah - Cornwall

The course was inspirational, spiritually awakening, refreshing and a mind-expanding experience that I believe everyone should take part in before they embark on a raw food journey. The most valuable things that I have learned is that it is not a diet, it is a way of life and that you must include other vital elements so we can make the most out of our lives as a whole. Kate’s experience, sharing and teaching is an essential part of the raw food revolution. Thank you so much.

Sophie - France

When i saw that Kate was doing a raw food course in Goa i just felt a calling to go, I didn’t know Kate, but I had heard so much good things about her, I didn’t think twice and i just booked myself on the course! Well I loved it! The location was fabulous, the food delicious, I really enjoyed being in an outdoor classroom with so many lovely and like minded people. Kate operated her magic in every way for me and i think for many others! Some even fell in love! I learned so much in so little time, though it was five days, it went so quickly and Kate managed to fit so much valuable info and yummy recipes in. I love her enthusiasm, her passion and her authenticity. Kate is a very generous, radiant and beautiful being. She inspired me so much, and especially that she could teach in her bikini! Whao! Thank you Kate for your magic and your bubbliness, it is very catching! I am passing on the love…With love and gratitude.

Jeni - Essex

Thanks for an amazing few days, it was magic and the start of a new way for our family! Still feeling the after glow and carrying something much more than I thought I was coming out for. You shine and am feeling utmost inspired love for you. Thank you.

Bridgette - Wales

Kate was absolutely fantastic and so inspirational – she answered so many of my questions regarding raw food which I have been struggling with, and I found the workshop so beneficial.

Jenny - Spain

One of the best times of my life! Thank you so much Kate, helpers and all my wonderful course mates. I'm feeling so empowered and inspired. Hooray for Raw Magic !

Anita - London

Thank you so much for last week; I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that it’s changed my life! I’ve been meandering towards raw vegan superfoods for a while, but you totally blasted it onto the next level. I couldn’t believe I could feel this good.

Karen - London

“You got me inspired about raw living, so thank you so much for that. It changed my life in many ways and opened a lot of different doors in my life. You have definitely helped nourish my body with your great products and your knowledge, and your interesting sessions in London taught me SO MUCH, really opened my mind in many unexpected ways. And this led on to nourishing my spirit. I really appreciate the effort you put in to showing how a raw lifestyle can be manageable… and you can still party!”