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 Kate is much loved the world over for her unique blend of practical kitchen advice and spiritual   wisdom. Through her books and classes, she has inspired thousands of people, by giving them the   tools to take charge of their health and connect with their own magic. She has been a raw vegan for   nearly 30 years, and is the published author of 6 raw lifestyle books. She is the founder of   RawLiving.eu, the premier resource for raw foods and superfoods in Europe. She raised her three sons   on a raw vegan diet, all of whom have remained vegan as independent adults. She has taught raw f   foods in over 25 countries around the world.

  Raw vegan for nearly 30 years

Mother to 3 raw vegan sons (now adults)

Award-winning author of several raw recipe books, including the best-selling Eat Smart Eat Raw

Teaching raw food classes since 2003, in over 25 different countries worldwide