Who is Kate Magic?

Kate is a globally renowned raw health educator, author of three raw lifestyle books Eat Smart Eat Raw, Raw Living, and Raw Magic. She has been a vegan since 1989, and a raw foodist since 1993. As well as home-educating her three boys (whom she raises on a raw vegan diet), she is Creative Director of Raw Living, Europe’s premier raw food and superfoods online store, and has a busy international touring schedule. You can also find her on Kate’s Magic Bubble, her members’ site, where she posts articles, videos, interviews and recipes, and is there to answer members’ questions.

What is The Raw Magic Academy?

The Raw Magic Online Academy was launched in November 2013. Kate has given her Raw Magic talks hundreds of times all around the world. But although she travels a lot, she can’t get everywhere! Maybe she has not come to your town or city, or maybe you just prefer absorbing the information in the comfort of your own home. Or perhaps you are one of the thousands of people who have been inspired and motivated by the talk, and would like to watch it back again, to refresh your memory and glean more useful snippets of information to help you fast-track along the raw superhighway. Now, Kate’s hugely popular live talks are available online for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you like.

Who is the Music By?

The music on the videos is courtesy of Kate’s friends and talented musicians Ahu, Marc Mac and Eric Lau. Please support their work.

You can find Turkish singer, DJ and producer Ahu on her Soundcloud.

Music from Marc Mac used with permission from BBE records/Omniverse. The track used is called It’s Simple by Visioneers, from the album Dirty Old Hip Hop, and you can buy it on iTunes.

Music by Eric Lau is from his 2013 album, One of Many, on Kilawatt Music.

What Do I Actually get when I Purchase a Video?

Some of the videos are divided into parts for ease of access. They are all accompanied by a downloadable PDF containing a summary of the most important points. You can print these out so you have them for easy reference.

Once you’ve purchased your videos, you can watch and re-watch them as many times as you like. Please note though, you have to be online to watch them, and the videos are not downloadable.

Once you have purchased a video, there are no refunds.

What is VAT & do I need to pay it?

Unfortunately, we have to charge you VAT on these videos. What that actually means is that 20% of what you pay goes to the tax man.

However, you won’t be charged VAT if –

  • You are purchasing the videos from outside of the EU
  • You are a non-UK business with an EU VAT number

So if you are able to fulfil either of this criteria, congratulations! VAT will automatically be deducted at the checkout.


My Video Won’t Load. Help!

  1. First try using this website on a different web browser. For example, if you normally use Firefox then try using Chrome or Internet Explorer instead.
  2. Make sure your purchase has been successful. Only people whom have had a successful transaction will have access to the video pages. You will have a confirmation receipt from Paypal in your email inbox.
  3. Make sure you’re online!
  4. If you are still having problems, email support@rawmagicacademy.com and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

I Have a Question about the Video, How do I Contact Kate?

There is a Comments box under the video when you’ve purchased it. If you have a question that is directly related to the content of the video, you can put it there and Kate will endeavour to answer it within 48 hrs. 

For further questions, please email ellie@rawliving.eu, or you can book a 121 session with Kate here.

Can I Sign Up to the Mailing List to get Notified of Future Videos and Offers?

Yes, please do! There is a sign up box at the bottom of the home page.