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In this video, Kate breaks down how to make a raw chocolate cake that will have your friends and family telling you that it’s the best cake they’ve ever eaten. She shares all the tips and tricks for making this most delicious of cakes, and lots of ideas for variations so you can adapt it to suit your own palate, with your favourite flavours and superfoods.

She also shares with you her legendary Quantum Cake recipe. This recipe was created in 2006, and the actual cake was available to buy from the Raw Living online shop until 2013, when new EU regulations were passed which prohibit the sale of superfoods. Sadly, the cake is now actually illegal!  We did used to joke that it was so good, it was a surprise they hadn’t tried to criminalise it, and now they have. It’s no longer in production (although Raw Living still carry the Dedicakeshun and the Revolutionary Cake). Before the release of this video, Kate had kept the recipe a secret, and only shared it with people who attended the Raw Magic Advanced Course.

The Quantum Cake is special, because as well as obviously being dairy-free, gluten-free and raw, it contains no nuts and seeds (other than some hemp in the cream filling). It is a light Victoria sponge style chocolate cake, with a hemp and purple corn cream sandwich layer, all topped with some fresh raw chocolate, and crammed with superfoods like Etherium Gold and suma.


  • The best £5 we ever spent!

    Lila, Germany

  • That Quantum Cake is to die for. Each time I bite into a piece I melt and just go to heaven. If you could make love into a tangible edible it would have to be the Quantum Cake; perfection at it’s best.

    Saira, Switzerland

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Hi Kate! I have just made this cake for my mum's birthday and we all absolutely loved was an incredible experience, wholesome, and activating for our bodies and our conversations too! It's great for people who don't like the taste of coconut or nuts in cakes. I didn't include the purple corn, which I'd like to another time to see the difference. I was very interested in the ormus. Thanks for including the additional video. with best wishes, Emeline
Emeline Bieler-Makin