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The Raw Magic talk is a helpful condensation of how and why to go raw. Including more raw in your diet can often seem overwhelming, and there is a mass of contradictory information out there. Kate breaks it all down in an easy to understand, common sense way, and shares guiders and signposts for keeping you on track as you commence your journey. Kate has been lecturing on raw foods since 2002, and this talk is a result of that experience, pulling together all the topics people ask about most frequently, and providing the most salient information to make raw foods into something easy and fun, rather than difficult and complicated. Learn more about the Raw Magic talk here.

The Raw Chocolate video tells you in detail how to make raw chocolate, plus the benefits of raw chocolate and why it is such a magical food. Kate has been producing raw chocolate commercially since 2005, and her company Raw Living was one of the first in the world to sell raw chocolate bars. She has given this talk over a hundred times around the world, and taught thousands of people the secrets to making raw chocolate successfully. Read more about the Raw Chocolate video here.

The Superfoods video is an introduction to the vast world of superfoods. Basically, Superfoods is a popular marketing term for herbal medicine, and in this video Kate touches on South American, Chinese, Indian and European herbs. She discusses why these natural plant foods are so beneficial, the best ones to include regularly, and how to incorporate them into your daily diet. Read more about the Superfoods video here.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s course in Iceland and took so much away, besides the experience! Since returning to the UK, I’ve been implementing so many of the skills learned during the week. I now have the confidence to take several staple recipes which were before foreign to me, and adapt them to make my own creations. The difference I have noticed to my energy levels and moods since including a few of these juices, mylks, and treats in my daily diet, has been astounding. I think the investment in Kate’s course was priceless.

    Camilla, London

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