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The Raw Magic Talk is a helpful condensation of how and why to go raw. Including more raw in your diet can often seem overwhelming, and there is a mass of contradictory information out there. Kate breaks it all down in an easy to understand, common sense way, and shares guiders and signposts for keeping you on track as you commence your journey. Kate has been lecturing on raw foods since 2002, and this talk is a result of that experience, pulling together all the topics people ask about most frequently, and providing the most salient information to make raw foods seem something easy and fun rather than difficult and complicated. You can read more about the Raw Magic Talk here.

The Easy Detox talk is an introductory guide to the naturopathic detox techniques. If you are interested in a holistic lifestyle, and achieving optimum levels of vitality, these techniques are an integral part of maintaining health naturally. Kate has been practising these techniques personally for around 15 years, and in this talk she breaks down why they are helpful, and how to do them at home and on a budget. Read more about the Easy Detox video here.


  • Kate has such an immense wealth of knowledge of superfoods, their uses and benefits, all at the tip of her fingers. Her talk was colourful, entertaining, thought-provoking, and most of all inspirational. And she also makes THE best raw superfood packed chocolate ever! I have been inspired to reintroduce superfoods into my diet on a daily basis, and am simply loving it!

    Lisa, Cheshire

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