In this video Kate introduces you to the world of Superfoods, answering all your questions such as….

  • What exactly is a superfood?
  • Why do I need them?
  • How should I take them?
  • Which are the best ones to start with?

You might be familiar with some of the more popular ingredients used in raw cuisine, such as maca and goji berries, but do you really know your lucuma from your mucuna, and your ashwaganda from your astragalus? This video is the perfect introduction to a world which can often seem complex and overwhelming. Kate simplifies it all so you know exactly how, why, when and to get started, and what to get started with.

The video comes with a free downloadable PDF that you can print out for handy reference.


  • I wanted to thank you for helping me regain my vibrancy and energy for life once more. I really do feel ecstatic and amazing every day. So excited for all future prospects.

    Tracy, Worcester

  • Since being so inspired whilst on the Beginners Course only a few months ago, I now eat 50% raw everyday. I have lost weight, feel so much lighter from the inside, sleep better and look fresher!!! Just one downside, at 63 years of age I am getting spots – only small ones, I can live with those – which can only mean my body is shifting years of accumulated toxins. Just wanted to say a big thank you.

    Cheryl, Norwich

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